One More Day, Child of War, & Lighthouse on the Hill

Three works of micro-fiction that highlight the impact just a few sentences can make…

by: Ben Macnair

One Day More

One Day more would make all the difference, more time to spend with loved ones, more time to beat that deadline, more time to just think about time, maybe asking for more time would be greedy, for we already have far too much to waste, wasted in regret, and the wrong thing said to be wishing for more.


Child of War

They never knew their father, dying, like so many others in forgotten skirmishes, and although they went on with their lives, building homes and families of their own, there would always be a part of them, aching for a man they never got the chance to know, all a child of War, but not in the sense that would have made the narrative  that so many took to be the truth.


Lighthouse on the Hill

That light you see, it’s beamed out for years, and the ships that sail so close, never crashed into the rocks, always knew where to go, the haul always delivered, the fish always fresh, while the lighthouse keepers all went slightly mad.


Ben Macnair is an award-winning poet and playwright from Staffordshire in the United Kingdom. Follow him on Twitter @benmacnair.

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