Mind of Mine / Care

by: Thomas Albritton

Thomas Albritton returns to The Margin with two thoughtful and tranquilizing poems, Mind of Mine and Care….


Mind of Mine

This mind of mine is losing its time

scattered are my thoughts

and the memories do come and go

not staying in the lockers for store.


The words do fail this mind of mine

sometimes here and sometimes gone

lost in time from this mind of mine.


Reaching  into thin air and nothing is there

this is what it feels like for this mind mine.


Frustration sets in

and in time it will disappear

sometimes near and sometimes far

but these words do reappear.


This mind of mine is certainly losing its time

I do not fear this mind of mine

for I know the memories it does hold

precious are they so locked away

in this mind of mine….



The air is filled with those tantalizing smells from the soft rain that fell.

With the droplets of life so soft upon the ground and the light that darts all around.

Life eternal with this fall and her rays.

Mother Nature has shown her care.

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