Just about 4:57am

by: Michael Bradford

When the lights go out……..

When the city that never sleeps gets slipped an Ambien…

You watch your own blackout happen as eyewitness but stay awake for 5 days in the dark till it ends with a power surge – just about 4:57 am

The light at the end of your flooded escape tunnel never clears of debris, new Amsterdam or old Holland the same – just about all times

You go without just to stay within – just about midday

You have no heat to pack but a kitchen knife taped up in a coffee cup sleeve just feels warm inside the coat – just about after dark

One Junky line about walking barefoot in the dark across the entire island of manhattan to find a line actually happens and you see yourself in the mirrored reflection of modern day cold water flats – just about dawn

You grip your bird like a lifeline of warmth cause towers of power are down and you never thought to get a landline – just about any point


When the lights…go down…in the city…

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