Introducing: The PaulCast Starring Mark Jared Smith

Across the Margin introduces you to The PaulCast Starring Mark Jared Smith…

Available on iTunes now!!

Across the Margin, in its mission statement, proclaims an earnest love for honesty in storytelling. Honesty can often be shocking, abrasive, and at times even breathtaking. And oftentimes it can be flat out hysterical, and this is never more evident than in the brand-spanking new comedy podcast, “The PaulCast Starring Mark Jared Smith!”

Across the Margin is proud to be handling the production of this humorous – and altogether insightful – podcast featuring two of New York’s City’s most unique comedic minds, Paul Gutkowski and Mark Jared “Big Business” Smith. Explaining the eccentric nature of The PaulCast is no easy feat, but as Paul Gutkowski so eloquently puts it:

The PaulCast starring Mark Jared “Big Business” Smith may very well be the last thing the internet needs: two white men of privilege trying to figure out what it all means.  Enjoy.”

Episode 1 is entitled “The Glory of Love vs. Death Gravity” and can be found, on iTunes now!

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