Introducing: Still Chasing

Across The Margin introduces you to the new limited-series podcast Still Chasing (Osiris Media) that delves into music fanaticism and obsession, hosted by comedian Mike Finoia and ATM’s own Michael Shields…

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Still Chasing (Osiris Media) is a podcast series hosted by comedian Mike Finoia and writer, editor, and podcaster Michael Shields. Still Chasing delves passionately into the compelling phenomenons and engrossing art that delight and entice admirers to the point of unmitigated obsession. Each season of Still Chasing will act as a deep dive in singular fixations, but also serve as an examination of the ins-and-outs and the science of infatuation, while providing an honest and fascinating behind the scenes look at those who are consumed. 

Season One of Still Chasing sets its focus on the famed American rock n’ roll (jam) band Phish, founded in Vermont, and expounds upon the grandeur and uniqueness of their prolific thirty-six year career. Over the course of seven chapters, Still Chasing whisks the listener deep inside the world of Phish, on a journey that dissects the multitudes of reasons hordes of fans have become deeply infatuated with the band. Season One, brought to you by Mike and Michael, two fans of Phish who have dedicated a combined fifty years of comprehensive fandom, including countless hours on tour with Phish, offers an analysis of the bands eclectic musical offerings, the unique and robust community that has sprung up around the band, and offers an analysis of how technology bolstered their rise. Season One also features a look at the many gifts that an infatuation with Phish has bestowed upon the show’s hosts, from inspiration, to community, to travel, and beyond. It also features, a magical life-changing encounter for one of the Mikes that occurred only because of his obsession with the band.

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Chapter 1: Obsession — Hook, Line, and Sinker

Hosts Mike Finoia and Michael Shields set their sights back in time, reminiscing on their introduction to Phish. The guys look back on their early days of fandom, getting acclimated to the world of improvisational music, their first exposure to the infamous “Lot,” the mind-blowing moment of their first show, and the lengths they’d go to surround themselves with the culture they craved.

This chapter Includes interviews with Phish lyricist Tom Marshall, Grateful Dead historian David Gans, professor Rebecca Adams, and Andy Bernstein of Headcount.

Chapter 2: Expedition — We Gotta Get On The Road

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. In this chapter the two Phish fanatics discuss setting out on tour, physically following their favorite band with their buddies that signed on for a lifetime of weirdness. Take a tour through the pop up phenomenon of Shakedown Street and learn how the parking lot went from intimidating to industrious for your hosts. From sitting in traffic to sleeping at rest stops to getting arrested, the obsession led to moments that will never be forgotten, and the guys share them here. 

This chapter features an interview with Scott Marks of and The Mockingbird Foundation.

Chapter 3: Community — We’re All In This Together

Just as important as the music, the members of the Phish community make each experience unique and special. The Mikes explore many facets of this culture, from supporting sober fans to charitable foundations to safety initiatives to registering new voters. This chapter also includes rare and intimate thoughts from Phish lyricist Tom Marshall explaining how he has been impacted by the music, the fans, and his longtime friendship with Phish frontman Trey Anastasio. Iconic artist David Welker also shares his unique point of view on how his relationship with the band began. 

Chapter 4: Concerts — Festivals, Dozens , and Gags, Oh My!

It’s showtime folks! Each Phish show is different and unique, and obsessed fans are detail driven die-hards. Our hosts break down a standard Phish show for the newcomers, as well as dive deep into their regular “irregular” events. From their summer mega-festivals to their New Year’s Eve spectaculars, Halloween costumes and residences at Madison Square Garden, Phish’s creativity and adventurousness remains unparalleled, and Mike and Mike take you front row for all the action. This chapter contains multiple never before heard, hilarious stories about Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio from his lifelong friend, lyricist Tom Marshall.

Chapter 5:  Meeting The Chief — The Ken Kesey Experience

This chapter shares the story that was the initial catalyst for this entire project. In 1997 Mike Finoia went to a Phish show that forever changed his life, one that led to a friendship with legendary American novelist, essayist, and countercultural figure, Ken Kesey. This episode features never before heard footage of one of the last interviews of Ken Kesey’s life, as well as Mike’s account of an unforgettable journey that would never have occurred without chasing the moments.

This chapter includes interviews with novelist, essayist, and countercultural figure Ken Kesey and famous Merry Prankster Ken Babbs.

Chapter 6: Technology — Living In This Tube

Sometimes, there are benefits to not going to Phish concerts…as long as you have a comfy couch and solid wifi! In this chapter your hosts look at the way technology has changed the way Phish fans interact, attend, and communicate. Pivotal members of the online community have provided news outlets, message boards, videos, photos, music archives, and games to feed the obsession when at work, at home, or on the toilet — this chapter celebrates a few of these linchpins. 

This chapter includes interviews with the founder of the Osiris Media Group RJ Bee, the founder of Phantasy Tour Paul Glace, and Scott Marks.

Chapter 7: Inspiration — Move Me Brightly

Mike & Mike both live a life firmly rooted in following their dreams. Finoia is a stand-up comedian and TV producer. Shields is an author and editor. The band Phish has not only provided amazing concerts and fun times, but has also set the framework for a lifetime of self-acceptance, forgiveness, and risk taking. The guys take an honest look at their own lives, and how the culture they’ve existed in gave them the courage to not take life too seriously, but to always try their hardest.

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