Podcast – Beyond the Margin: Game of Thrones, Take Two

Beyond the Margin once again journeys deep into Westeros, with a post-season wrap up of Season 7’s terse but captivating season…

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In the latest episode of Beyond the Margin, host Michael Shields welcomes back to the studio Across the Margin’s own GoT Guru, Geoffrey Golia, as well as writer and Thrones buff Krissy Trujillo. This trio, ATM’s GoT squad, once again, digs deeply into all things Game of Thrones in the wake of Season 7’s tension-filled finale. Back due to popular demand following Beyond the Margin’s GoT-themed Episode 32, which prepped viewers for the commencement of the 7th season, this latest episode recaps the season and explores some of the more dramatic and jaw-dropping developments in Westeros.

In this episode, Michael, Geoffrey, and Krissy provide a shared insight into the world of Game of Thrones and discuss the deeper and underlying meanings of the events that transpired now that Winter has finally arrived. The GoT squad put forth their thoughts, predictions, and hopes for the next (and final) season, as well as addressing the abundance of critiques and grievances that the seventh season of Game of Thrones was wrought with. So, buckle in as Michael once again obsesses over Euron’s boat, Krissy’s enduring love for Sansa is reaffirmed, and Geoffrey’s fascination with Jaegon’s gluteal muscles comes to light, as Beyond the Margin takes you through a fitting end to Game of Thrones’ seven week takeover of Across the Margin.

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