Podcast: Beyond the Margin – To Bern or Not To Bern

Across the Margin, with the help of Dr. Frank Battaglia, examines the compelling Presidential campaign of the junior Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders…

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Here at Across the Margin we do not shy away from discussions about politics. Although not our central focus, we stay in tune with the rhythms of the world and approach all the politically themed stories and articles we publish with a common sense manner and always root them firmly in fact. In this latest episode of Beyond the Margin the Presidential candidacy of Congressman Bernie Sanders was examined. In order to do so comprehensively, we solicited help from a longtime Bernie Sanders supporter, Dr. Frank Battaglia, who works in association with Atlantic City for Bernie Sanders, and a man who has Felt the Bern for well over three decades. Due to Frank’s lengthy consideration of Bernie Sanders’ career, he was exceptionally equipped to help outline the unique and inspiring aptitudes of the Democratic Presidential candidate.

In dissecting Congressman Sanders’ well established credentials and qualifications for the Presidency, the discussion veered towards a slew of myths that swirl about the Congressman, from such topics as his electability, his age, that he is a one-issue candidate, his lack of foreign policy experience, and the misconceptions that revolve around the term “democratic socialism.” In debunking this slew of fallacies, Michael and Frank ultimately found themselves marveling over the profound opportunity that Bernie Sanders offers the United States, and expounding upon the importance and uniqueness of Bernie Sanders’ passion.

So dive deep into Episode 9 of Beyond the Margin, where we attempt to decide whether, “To Bern or Not To Bern.”

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