Welcome To The Party Pal — Cape Fear

Welcome To The Party Pal presents a double dose of Cape Fear, with an exploration of the 1962 and 1991 adaptations of the riveting psychological thriller…

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In this episode of Welcome To The Party Pal hosts Michael Shields and Christian Niedan explore 1962’s and 1991’s Cape Fear, the two film adaptations of John D. MacDonald’s 1957 psychological novel, The Executioners. 1962’s Cape Fear stars Gregory Peck, Robert Mitchum and Polly Bergen and was directed by J. Lee Thompson. The subsequent adaptation was directed by Martin Scorsese and stars Robert De Niro, Nick Nolte, Jessica Lange, Joe Don Baker, Juliette Lewis, Robert Mitchum, and Gregory Peck in his final theatrical film role. The films centers on an attorney whose family is viscously stalked by a criminal he helped to send to jail. In this episode Michael and Christian explore the fascinating intricacies of both adaptations, celebrate the remarkable casts at play, hail one of the most captivating movie villains of all time in Max Cady, and much, much more.

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