Podcast – Beyond the Margin: A Year End Retrospective

by: Michael Shields and Chris Thompson

Across the Margin presents the next installment of its podcast Beyond the Margin, taking a look back on a year flush with stories…

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In the latest episode of Across the Margin’s podcast, Beyond the Margin, hosts Michael Shields and Chris Thompson sit down independent of guest and wax nostalgic about another lively year at the magazine. As the end of 2015 draws near, Michael and Chris reminisce about the stories and articles that affected them deeply. As an unsuspectingly music-centric year-end discourse ensues, the impassioned hosts delve into their choices for The Top 20 Albums of 2015, which culminates with an ode to one of the most underrated albums of 2015, Mikal Cronin’s MCIII ((Choice cuts from Mikal Cronin’s latest masterpiece, MCIII, bookends the podcast discussion!)). But this year end retrospective isn’t limited to music alone, as a profound discussion about the controversies surrounding gun control, the worldwide refugee crisis, and the brutal attacks that took place in Paris arises amongst a conversation about the many diverse stories told this year at Across the Margin.

You’ll also find that Michael and Chris had several favorite short stories appear on Across the Margin this year, by authors both old and new to the magazine, and they take the time to discuss what drew them to these tales. We also lost several remarkable individuals in 2015, and Mike and Chris felt it’d be remiss if they didn’t devote some of their time to discussing the impact these talented individuals had on our culture and our society as a whole. And of course, there’s the latest installment of Star Wars, The Force Awakens, to discuss (they couldn’t help themselves there!) and much, much more. So tune in and come along as we close out the year where the sentence ends, but the story just begins.

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