Game Changer

by: Michael Shields The television industry hastily responds to Game of Thrones SHOCKING “Red Wedding”…… In an urgent reaction to the Game of Thrones episode…

Meme Machine

by: Heather Fawn We are all drowning in a sea of memes, links, and pet pics…..and it is high-time we all learn how to swim…….


by: Michael Shields Often all it takes is a little push, to do what you know you must…. The paralyzing roar of the room encompassed…

Bathing in Falsetto

by: Michael Shields A look back at a decade of music that finds me here today bathing in falsetto. How I grew to love Bon Iver…….


3 of 5 (ain’t bad)

by: Chris Thompson Struggling to live in a world without flavor….. On Friday May 10th, 2013, around 6:15pm, my sense of smell and taste disappeared….

The Community Garden

by: Douglas Grant The best thirty seconds of your day…… There’s a daily ritual you have that gives you a tremendous sense of peace. It…