Across The Margin : The Podcast — Michael Imperioli & The Nicotine Chronicles

Across The Margin: The Podcast presents an interview with renowned actor (The Sopranos) and writer, Michael Imperioli, a contributor to the forthcoming captivating short story collection, The Nicotine Chronicles…

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In this episode of Across The Margin: The Podcast host Michael Shields converses with actor and writer Michael Imperioli. Imperioli is best known for his starring role as Christopher Moltisanti in the acclaimed HBO TV series The Sopranos, which earned him a Best Supporting Actor Emmy Award. He also wrote five episodes of the show and was co-screenwriter of the film Summer of Sam, directed by Spike Lee. While best known for his acting, this episode focuses on another one of Imperioli’s gifts, his writing, exploring his contribution to a soon to be released short story collection The Nicotine Chronicles and his debut novel The Perfume Burned His Eyes. The Nicotine Chronicles (Akashic Books), which will be released on September 15th, is edited by Lee Child (best known for his Jack Reacher novels) and also includes stories from some of today’s most prolific writers including Joyce Carol Oates, Jonathan Ames, Eric Bogosian and Cara Black. The Perfume Burned His Eyes is a work of fiction published in 2018 and concerns the atmospheric coming-of-age story of 17-year-old Matthew, whose mother moves them from Queens to a posh apartment in Manhattan in 1976. Matthew is not your typical teenager — think Holden Caulfield without the cynicism — but, often afraid and awkward, he is a reactor, not an actor, who strikes up a fascinating friendship with legendary rocker Lou Reed. So join in on an episode that highlights Imperioli’s lesser known, but no less impressive, talent.

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