Welcome To The Party Pal — 1980’s Horror Films, Part One

Welcome To The Party Pal celebrates a decade of excellence in horror films, with an episode dedicated to the unforgettable and iconic cinematic output of the 1980s…

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In this episode of Welcome To The Party Pal, hosts Michael Shields and Mitch Lucas commence a two part exploration of, and an ode to, 1980’s horror films. In what was a truly game-changing decade, rife with unfathomable ingenuity and creativity, 1980’s horror films launched franchises, birthed tropes that define the genre to this day, and redefined possibilities in filmmaking, not just for horror movies, but for cinema in general. This episode focuses on what is so special about these 1980’s horror classics, and touches on some of the most acclaimed directors of the era, from John Carpenter and David Cronenberg, to John Landis and beyond. WTTPP also celebrates in this episode the tremendously gifted special effects artists behind the unforgettable creatures featured in the films, and tips a hat to the writers behind these twisted tales, with a particular shout out to Stephen King, one of the most prolific writers of hair-raising stories of all time.

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