Three Poems by Lily Hinrichsen

These three poems by Lily Hinrichsen consider the poet’s broken self, only to realize reality isn’t as it seems, and hope comes in bearable forms…

by: Lily Hinrichsen

morning | path | broken
Broken is how she felt when she awoke
a cloudy morning following an equally dark night
nocturnal demons determined to steal her breath
old meddlers outstaying their visit
wreaking havoc on the path laid before her
a long road she has trod and sown and carved
redirected   lost   and found again
a journey back to herself
the one whose wings were never clipped
who smiled easily and loved deeply
that’s who she longed to wake to this morning
instead her spirit lay in fragments beside her pillow
On this summer morning
dripping with the oppressive sweat 
of last night’s dreams she awakens 
to songs of chickadee and cardinal
lilting melodies carving the thick air
laying before her a path to a new day
Through broken fragments she finds
her way to the open door 
The morning is broken
by a thought that occurs to her
as she makes her way to the compost pile
A path strewn with squirrels’ playthings
with artifacts later collected by robins
to form vessels of hope
She thinks    what if the past was never mine
Dear Morning
I’m so happy to see you after an arduous journey of doubt
Upon Waking
Cicadas sound their whining buzz
catching the cool breeze coming 
through the screen door
spreading a thin blanket of remembering over me
I search myself for leftover shrapnel 
from elapsed panic attacks
but all I find is slow breathing 
and skin constructed of light
Wonder has replaced doubt
Tranquility has broken from a shell of fear
The intention of my ears is to hear god 
in the language of cicadas and in this moment 
I’m helpless to do anything else
Lily Hinrichsen is bilingual, her birth language is imagery. A language that wants to be felt. Her life of artmaking and the written word has been a life of translation. It’s not enough to just observe…she must give things a voice. She is fluent in painting, drawing, printmaking, knitting, and words. She has shown her art in galleries throughout New England, and has published poetry in Three Fingers Review, deLuge, Periwinkle Literary Magazine, and Zig Zag Lit. Her first self-published chapbook, Being Here, arrived in the world August 2020. She resides in Vermont where the clouds form haiku, every river is a poem, and every unturned stone holds a bit of gossip.
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