My Mother’s Closet

by: Kate Rabinov A vault of treasured memories, that incessantly drift off into the ether… I am certain my sister stole my mother’s Chanel purse….

Exposed (Herve Martijn)


by: Christina Rosso “Why must being a woman equal disgrace? Why must I hide my body? My sexuality? Why do I have to fit inside…

Breathe (Mark James, Breathe You In)

To Breathe You In

by Allie Burke “[The water] gains speed so quickly. It inches across the sand like the speed of time during depression, and all of the…



by: Sarah Fader Those bittersweet moments, when it’s over, but they’re still there… We sat in the diner looking at each other across the table….

World Peace

World Peace

by: Allie Burke  Allie Burke returns to The Margin with another moment in time, a late night with those who know you best…. “Okay,” Aamir…

Kevin Perterson Painting

Late Morning

by: Allie Burke A snapshot of thoughts, a late morning conversation….. “I don’t understand people.” “I do,” I say, looking up from my phone. “Do…


Three Guys Walk Into A Bar

by: Lewis H Montaug The complete absurdity of bullshit bar talk balanced out by the seriousness of the subject matter…. I live in Manhattan and…


What to do with time?

by: Cat Cortes Is the whole greater than the sum of its parts… I struggle with time, which is only made worse by the unfiltered…