Fly Away, et al

by: Daniel von der Embse

Presenting Part 2 of a series dedicated to the poems of the very talented Daniel von der Embse……


Fly away

I wish there could have been
some way to keep you here
But then you had to spread your wings
to test how far you could fly
and you were gone

I only hope that some day
you might fly back to us
to have another stay
I’ll think of you as you journey
and hold the memory of your smile close
for when I need a lift up there
in the heavens with you


As I lie in the vineyard ground

The Umbrian sky opens upon me
like a scented cloth
laying a moment’s soothing
around my broken body
these bones of mine dissolve
into the red clay earth
a drink for the wine grapes
to enjoy on me


Disguised as perfume

Delicate whispering
keeps me up at night,
a language
that sounds like French
and smells like tangerines
spoken by a girl
forever remembered
by the scents she keeps
laid out next to the bed,
each of her sorrows
disguised as perfume ((The art featured in this piece was created by the incredibly talented Spain-based artist Antonio Mora.))


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