Their Hands

by: Michael Shields Giving in to warmongering, closing your heart to those truly in need, and succumbing to panic means that not only are you…

Beyond the N.R.A.

Beyond the N.R.A.

by: Michael Shields There is more than meets the eye, in this contest that pits the worthiness of human lives versus revenue… The N.R.A., and…


On Guns and Gun Control

by: Keith Lesmeister A guest contributor continues the crucial conversation about gun control, arguing that “to do nothing is a cold, callous, [and an] inappropriate…

Donald Trump

It’s Funny, Until It’s Not

by: Michael Shields The official time-limit on Donald Trump’s spectacle of a Presidential run has now been set…. It’s funny, until it’s not. A phrase…


Duty With The Donald

by: Alan Fox The real life story of a day spent in Jury Duty with Donald Trump… It’s just after 8:30 AM when I come…

Jon Stewart

Stewart Signs Off

By: Michael Shields w/ Tom Rau Across the Margin bids farewell to the shrewdest voice in fake news…. This isn’t goodbye. As Jon Stewart embarks…


Another Day in America

by: Michael Shields When will enough be enough, or are routine casualties an acceptable cost of ensuring our right to arms? We are to blame….