On Guns and Gun Control

by: Keith Lesmeister A guest contributor continues the crucial conversation about gun control, arguing that “to do nothing is a cold, callous, [and an] inappropriate…

Donald Trump

It’s Funny, Until It’s Not

by: Michael Shields The official time-limit on Donald Trump’s spectacle of a Presidential run has now been set…. It’s funny, until it’s not. A phrase…


Duty With The Donald

by: Alan Fox The real life story of a day spent in Jury Duty with Donald Trump… It’s just after 8:30 AM when I come…

Jon Stewart

Stewart Signs Off

By: Michael Shields w/ Tom Rau Across the Margin bids farewell to the shrewdest voice in fake news…. This isn’t goodbye. As Jon Stewart embarks…


Another Day in America

by: Michael Shields When will enough be enough, or are routine casualties an acceptable cost of ensuring our right to arms? We are to blame….


Two Flags Over America

by: Stephen R. Sumner A guest contributor contends, before there were stars and stripes and images of coiled snakes in the grass, there were people……


You Down With TPP?

by: Christopher Rockwell A deal, being crafted in secret and potentially fast-tracked through Congress, may have lasting implications on our safety, our privacy, and on…