Unsustainable Children

by: Heather Fawn When child care facilities are run like a business first and care service second, it’s our most precious commodity, our children, who suffer most…….


The Default Second Language

by: Christine Stoddard Why Spanish should never be the only option for ESL parent support, and why it is neither fair nor effective to give…

Never Trump

About Trump

Across the Margin presents a form letter intended to ease the challenges of talking to your Republican-affiliated loved ones about Donald Trump…. Dear ___________, I…


Only Then, Can The Healing Begin

by : Frederick Foote A meditative essay about race, violence and law enforcement in America today… It is my assumption that there are systems of…

argue art

Why Can’t We Argue Like Adults?

by: David Raney Problems need solutions, which require smart arguments, and unfortunately that’s something we don’t know how to do any more… Richard Nixon didn’t…


Their Hands

by: Michael Shields Giving in to warmongering, closing your heart to those truly in need, and succumbing to panic means that not only are you…

Beyond the N.R.A.

Beyond the N.R.A.

by: Michael Shields There is more than meets the eye, in this contest that pits the worthiness of human lives versus revenue… The N.R.A., and…