Some Build, Some Destroy

by: Bonnie Wilkins Overcott While contemplating a sand sculpture contest, harder truths about the nature of humanity, and the current U.S. administration, are unveiled… Years…

Davidsonpart 2

Davidson, Part Two

by: Ian Johnson Part Two of an inside look into the collegiate career and personal hardships of a gifted and contemplative young athlete, delving into…


Davidson, Part One

by: Ian Johnson Stepping into the spotlight of Division I NCAA Basketball carries with it unexpected burdens. An inside look into the collegiate career and personal…


The Liminal Liquid and Other Vignettes

by: Brian Michael Barbeito A series of affecting vignettes, inspired by the delicate, abstruse, and altogether wondrous realm of nature…  The Liminal Liquid Thick mud, and the…


My Mother’s Closet

by: Kate Rabinov A vault of treasured memories, that incessantly drift off into the ether… I am certain my sister stole my mother’s Chanel purse….


An Image of Self Violence

by: Darick Taylor Equating self-harm with a ploy for attention is a common mistake, for what lurks below the physical manifestation of the wound is…

Exposed (Herve Martijn)


by: Christina Rosso “Why must being a woman equal disgrace? Why must I hide my body? My sexuality? Why do I have to fit inside…

WordsforHer3 (Karol Bak)

Words for Her

by: Richard Brea An ode to all the amazing mothers, daughters, wives, girlfriends, queens, angels, givers of life, and goddesses in the world… I take great…

I died

The Day I Died

by: Sarah Fader What little can prepare one for an “energetic pull into nothingness,” and for the crushing blow that follows the day you find yourself alone… Numb,…


Intellect is Not Enough

by: Neesa Sunar A brave and forthcoming assessment of intellectualism and its relation to mental illness… I have always viewed life as an arena for…