Some Build, Some Destroy

by: Bonnie Wilkins Overcott While contemplating a sand sculpture contest, harder truths about the nature of humanity, and the current U.S. administration, are unveiled… Years…

Davidsonpart 2

Davidson, Part Two

by: Ian Johnson Part Two of an inside look into the collegiate career and personal hardships of a gifted and contemplative young athlete, delving into…


Davidson, Part One

by: Ian Johnson Stepping into the spotlight of Division I NCAA Basketball carries with it unexpected burdens. An inside look into the collegiate career and personal…


The Liminal Liquid and Other Vignettes

by: Brian Michael Barbeito A series of affecting vignettes, inspired by the delicate, abstruse, and altogether wondrous realm of nature…  The Liminal Liquid Thick mud, and the…


My Mother’s Closet

by: Kate Rabinov A vault of treasured memories, that incessantly drift off into the ether… I am certain my sister stole my mother’s Chanel purse….


An Image of Self Violence

by: Darick Taylor Equating self-harm with a ploy for attention is a common mistake, for what lurks below the physical manifestation of the wound is…

Exposed (Herve Martijn)


by: Christina Rosso “Why must being a woman equal disgrace? Why must I hide my body? My sexuality? Why do I have to fit inside…

WordsforHer3 (Karol Bak)

Words for Her

by: Richard Brea An ode to all the amazing mothers, daughters, wives, girlfriends, queens, angels, givers of life, and goddesses in the world… I take great…

I died

The Day I Died

by: Sarah Fader What little can prepare one for an “energetic pull into nothingness,” and for the crushing blow that follows the day you find yourself alone… Numb,…