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Chris Campanioni

Out of Order

by: Chris Campanioni Chris Campanioni considers the rapidly shifting cultural norms relating to our physical selves (the body) and our dislocated selves (technology), but most importantly,…

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Cryptic Messages – The YouNiversity

by: Jonathan Marcantoni An idiosyncratic introduction to an educational program aimed at enlivening the business of literature… Radio static flips through several channels before settling on one…

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A Letter to the Internet

by: Alan Fox and Chris Campanioni Across the Margin enlists two social media experts to analyze, in their own unique ways, how the Internet affects…

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1,000 Words or Less

Illustration by: Chris Thompson Words by: Heather Fawn, Chris Campanioni, Jonathan Marcantoni, Chris Thompson, & Michael Shields A challenge from an artist to create a story, one…

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