Sarah Fader

I died

The Day I Died

by: Sarah Fader What little can prepare one for an “energetic pull into nothingness,” and for the crushing blow that follows the day you find yourself alone… Numb,…

the last time

The Last Time

by: Sarah Fader The life-affirming pain of heartbreak. Sometimes the hurt is the only thing that’s real… As the car pulled up before me my…


I Found Love Once

by: Sarah Fader I found you and you found me and that means something…   I found love once. It was 5000 miles away from…

Broken Wing

My Wing, Your Foot

by: Sarah Fader An inexplicable connection, a shared vulnerability… I’m a small bird with a wounded wing. I don’t show people my injury. My wing, it…



by: Sarah Fader The crush of love when paired cruelly with inevitable loss… The day I saw you for the first time you were wearing…



by: Sarah Fader Those bittersweet moments, when it’s over, but they’re still there… We sat in the diner looking at each other across the table….