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Because They’re French

by: Damien Raider Are Americans missing the boat on bidets?…. If you are one of the privileged, the lucky and able who have traveled internationally,…


Touching the Universe

by: James Delacroix An author ponders the age old question….why write? “Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup, they slither wildly as…



by: Alice Kaltman The story of just how fucked up the New York City art scene can be. The names have been changed to protect…


First Manassas

by: Shiloh Whately Brothers in arms, brothers in death, as one of the first battles of the Civil War unfolds… Slide your hand, into mine….


The Greatest

By: Lewis H. Montaug The Top Ten Comic Book Movies Of All Time….. Let’s get right into it. Without a lengthy introduction or procrastination of…

A Novel Opportunity

A Novel Opportunity

by: Rick Karlsruher Across the Margin welcomes a guest post from Rick Karlsruher, founder of Noveltunity, an e-book club that aims to provide an innovative…

Ruby's Story

Ruby’s Story

by: Katie Sigafoos A guest contributor bestows us with a tale for all children…… Once upon a time there lived a dear old woman whose…

Darkest b4 Dawn

Darkest before the Dawn?

by: Christopher Rockwell An angry rant, or a scientific expose of an age old cliche?  You decide….. No, I am not fucking ok. Wait. I…


Miracle on 32nd Street

by: Paul Gutkowski Across the Margin’s holiday tribute continues with proof that miracles come in all shapes and sizes…. We sat in a shitty midtown…