We here at Across the Margin have an open door policy. In fact, we don’t even have a door…..something we are damn proud of! All are welcome, just come correct. We cannot guarantee your piece will see the light of day, but we promise it will be given its due respect — never will a submission be set aside unread. Never.

We’ve created three easy ways to share your work with us!

  • E-mail us your work directly via (Preferred!)
  • Share your work with us using cloud-based services like Google Drive’s Documents or Apple iCloud’s PagesJust be sure to invite us to your piece using our e-mail address
  • Or you can submit your work to us by providing the following information and pasting your work into the “message” part of our form:

Poetry Submissions Note: Across the Margin welcomes submissions of your previously unpublished poetry. Please send two or more (max = five) of your best poems for our consideration. Throw in a brief bio and publication history and remember, we have no aesthetic allegiance or ideological bent. Our only goal is to publish as much excellent poetry as we can! – Richard Roundy, ATM Poetry Editor