The Inevitable

by: Michael Shields The NBA got the dream match-up it desired, and hoop fans were taken for the ride of their lives. NBA Finals 2013,…

Mo (walking into the sunset)


by Michael Shields He had to do Nothing. He chose to do Everything. Mariano Rivera’s farewell tour…. Legendary Yankees Closer Mariano Rivera is calling it…

Spurs 2013

NBA Midseason Report, 2013

by: Michael Shields With more than half of the NBA 2013 season behind us, we take a moment to check the pulse of the league……..


Two Peas, One Pod

By: Michael Shields We weigh in on two scandals, simultaneously in the National spotlight, that further decays our faith in humanity….. It isn’t often that…

Olympics Opening Day

When the Music’s Over

by: Michael Shields In one fell swoop we take a look at the commencement of the NBA season. the aging of a core group of…


Shark City’s Hollow Bite

by: Kevin Ventura A guest contributor weighs in on the NHL lockout and the effect it’s having on an avid West Coast fanbase…. Want to…

robinson cano and his dad

The Obvious

by: Michael Shields A love letter, of sorts, to the best player on the New York Yankees…. Sometimes pointing out the obvious is called for. …


Roses Ain’t Free

by: Tom Rau A die-hard Chicago Bulls fan searches for life after Derrick Rose. I’m not sure there has been another athlete in Chicago sports…


The Wager

by: Michael Shields Coming to terms with “The Sports Guy”….. Hate is a strong word. Not only is it a strong word but it is…