Speculative Fiction


The Songbird

by: Chris Thompson A glimpse into a wild future where what we all take for granted is starting to slowly fall apart… The first thing…


Food Web Down

By: Chris Thompson A cautionary environmental tale, poignant in its reminder that sometimes it’s the most well-meaning of intentions that cause us the greatest of…


Before the Fog

by: Chris Thompson Is it better to remember something as it was before, or to be born into the change, and never know the difference?…


The Commuter

by: Paul Schofield A longing for a connection in a world where technology increasingly isolates… “Good morning David.” The mechanized female voice awoke David from his…

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The Middle Drawer

by: Chris Thompson The hollow hum of the overhead fluorescence, the idle potential of cubicles repeated end on end, what strange things come to the…


Nighttime in the Science District

by: Chris Thompson An offering of flash fiction inspired by the dark and moody architectural style of Hugh Ferriss… “Buildings like crystal. Walls of translucent…


The Rainmaker

by: Chris Thompson Amidst the ruins of Man, among the shadows of uncertainty and decay, life finds a way to survive… >compiling shell…last login: 13:06:22…

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The Rains of Dawn

by: Chris Thompson The dripping of waters and the pouring of rains, what power it wields when it never fades….. The rains were perpetual. Infinite….