The Parnhash Manifesto

by: Chris Carr “To benefit from violent or horrible acts is equivalent to being a proponent or advocate.” Author Note: The following was written as…


What Now, Part Two

by: Michael Shields One week ago Americans woke up to the reality of a President-elect Trump, and many are still coming to grips with this…



by: Frederick Foote A Nation divided, demonstrated by a workplace at odds… The door to my boss’s office is open. I rap on the door frame…


What Now?

by: Michael Shields How to move forward, now that America has spoken… I was well aware in the darkened hours of early Wednesday morning, when…


Addressing Police Violence

by: Frederick Foote A few modest proposals to address the epidemic of police bias and brutality in the United States… As the national debate on…


Unsustainable Children

by: Heather Fawn When child care facilities are run like a business first and care service second, it’s our most precious commodity, our children, who suffer most…….