24 Cut Lits

by: Noah Eli Gordon Surreal self-help poetry? Aphorisms that question rather than teach? Epigrams that remind us to look in the mirror and out the window?…


From “The American Myths”

by John Amen By combining individual character moments and memories with shadow narratives and sly political references (“O white God, is there a real world?”)…


Two Poems by Rob Cook

by: Rob Cook Rob Cook offers up two stunning poems full of acute and surreal observations about how the “sunlight has turned strange;” illustrating how…


Two Poems by Loriana Kolb

by: Loriana Kolb These two poems by Loriana Kolb offer the reader a fierce engagement with the way the real observation of place (the coast…

Guilty Feet Have Got no Rhythm

Tom Mandel, Part Two

by: Tom Mandel Header art, entitled “Guilty Feet Have Got no Rhythm,” by: Jim Flahaven Instructions for reading these poems by Tom Mandel might go…

Rudie Can't Fail 2

Tom Mandel, Part One

by: Tom Mandel Header art, entitled “Rudie Can’t Fail,” by: Jim Flahaven About the disconnections that plague our current situation, Tom Mandel’s poetry is seriously…


Two Poems by Ben Kingsley

by: Ben Kingsley Ben Kingsley’s poetry is a storm of language we get caught in; it reflects and refracts the anxious perplexities that ensnare us….


Four Poems from This Is Not A Love Song

by: Christophe Casamassima Christophe Casamassima writes about love and its failure in language that is both conversational and disjunctive, strikingly elegant and brutally real: “…you…


Three Poems by Lynn McGee

by: Lynn McGee For Lynn McGee, reading and writing poetry is essentially about human connection. Her work is a bridge for the reader, allowing us…


Two Poems by Michael Vagnetti

Words and photograph by: Michael Vagnetti Michael Vagnetti’s poetry tunes the reader’s ear and flexes the reader’s eye with rhythms and imagery that demand a…


Three Poems by Matt Alexander

by: Matt Alexander These oracular poems by Matt Alexander are of the current moment, and also of the moment after that. “…Bubbling up like panic/…


Aaron Simon, Part Two

by: Aaron Simon These poems by Aaron Simon guide us through landscapes as variegated as Petra and New Jersey with gnomic lines that explode in…