Guilty Feet Have Got no Rhythm

Tom Mandel, Part Two

by: Tom Mandel Header art, entitled “Guilty Feet Have Got no Rhythm,” by: Jim Flahaven Instructions for reading these poems by Tom Mandel might go…

Rudie Can't Fail 2

Tom Mandel, Part One

by: Tom Mandel Header art, entitled “Rudie Can’t Fail,” by: Jim Flahaven About the disconnections that plague our current situation, Tom Mandel’s poetry is seriously…


Two Poems by Ben Kingsley

by: Ben Kingsley Ben Kingsley’s poetry is a storm of language we get caught in; it reflects and refracts the anxious perplexities that ensnare us….


Four Poems from This Is Not A Love Song

by: Christophe Casamassima Christophe Casamassima writes about love and its failure in language that is both conversational and disjunctive, strikingly elegant and brutally real: “…you…


Three Poems by Lynn McGee

by: Lynn McGee For Lynn McGee, reading and writing poetry is essentially about human connection. Her work is a bridge for the reader, allowing us…


Two Poems by Michael Vagnetti

Words and photograph by: Michael Vagnetti Michael Vagnetti’s poetry tunes the reader’s ear and flexes the reader’s eye with rhythms and imagery that demand a…


Three Poems by Matt Alexander

by: Matt Alexander These oracular poems by Matt Alexander are of the current moment, and also of the moment after that. “…Bubbling up like panic/…


Aaron Simon, Part Two

by: Aaron Simon These poems by Aaron Simon guide us through landscapes as variegated as Petra and New Jersey with gnomic lines that explode in…


Aaron Simon, Part One

by: Aaron Simon These peripatetic poems by Aaron Simon meander and dash, taking us with them though experience, perception, story, and sweet regret. They explore…


Two Poems by James Yeary

by: James Yeary In this moment of deep division in our body politic, James Yeary’s poetry offers a balm and an exhortation. Causality and connection…