Our Uncertain Ways

by: Babar Malik Murmurs from the past warn those who live in dread to seize the day….   Ghosts of a certain past Knock on my…


Fly Away, et al

by: Daniel von der Embse Presenting Part 2 of a series dedicated to the poems of the very talented Daniel von der Embse…… Fly away I wish there could…


On Waking Still Alive, et al

by: Daniel von der Embse Proudly we present part 1 of a 2 part series dedicated to the poems of the very talented Daniel von der…


_Oy And _Irl

by: Michael Bradford A tale as old as time, that of the Oy and the Irl….. They were two different groups. And yet the same…



by: Thomas Albritton An offering of poetry that accentuates our bind with nature…. As these worlds collide as they have in time One once so…


From Whipstitches

by: Randi Ward Five poems, a multitude of feelings….. Needlework Her boiling back reeks of sweaty saddle blankets and horse liniment.   Needle Eye to…


A Pair of

by: Michael Bradford A pairing of highly affecting poems, “Petrified, I am” and “Jesuits on Fair Mountain Circle”….. Petrified, am I One never thinks of…


A Love Poem as Written by

by: J Bradley A whimsical pairing of love poems, each one inspired by a timeless fairy tale… A Love Poem As Written by: The Terminator…


The Word is Yours – Part 2

a collection of poems by: Chris Campanioni The second installment of “The Word is Yours” pledges allegiance to movement, to rhythm, to words interacting with words…….


The Word is Yours – Part 1

a collection of poems by: Chris Campanioni The emphasis on empowerment via word/wordplay is welcome for this poetry collection and its tagline “The Word Is Yours” is truly, so fitting… Cold…