From Whipstitches

by: Randi Ward Five poems, a multitude of feelings….. Needlework Her boiling back reeks of sweaty saddle blankets and horse liniment.   Needle Eye to…


A Pair of

by: Michael Bradford A pairing of highly affecting poems, “Petrified, I am” and “Jesuits on Fair Mountain Circle”….. Petrified, am I One never thinks of…


A Love Poem as Written by

by: J Bradley A whimsical pairing of love poems, each one inspired by a timeless fairy tale… A Love Poem As Written by: The Terminator…


The Word is Yours – Part 2

a collection of poems by: Chris Campanioni The second installment of “The Word is Yours” pledges allegiance to movement, to rhythm, to words interacting with words…….


The Word is Yours – Part 1

a collection of poems by: Chris Campanioni The emphasis on empowerment via word/wordplay is welcome for this poetry collection and its tagline “The Word Is Yours” is truly, so fitting… Cold…

watercolor tattoo

Toxic Shades

by: Lola Dune An offering of poetry that cuts straight to the core…. If I was stripped bare. Each mosaic veined layer peeled away, I’m…



by: Diana Thompson Hurtling through the underground as we peer inside our soul… Caged in a gritty city We arrive to fulfill unknown dreams. Seduced…


The Problem with Goodbyes

by: Heather Fawn Coming to terms with goodbyes, in a world that often rips and tears relentlessly….. You know I am broken, Like he said…


First Manassas

by: Shiloh Whately Brothers in arms, brothers in death, as one of the first battles of the Civil War unfolds… Slide your hand, into mine….



by: Heather Fawn A poem befitting of the season that is at long last upon us….. You break my heart and then restore it with…