The Activists

by Ian Johnson   The Team: White and rich enough to merit national media attention. The Mission: To force the President to take notice and to compel Congress…

Contra video game

In Retrospect: Contra

By: Lance Bean Scorpion reminisces about his days “in the shit” with Mad Dog and the alien-conducted Red Falcon Organization… My name is Private First Class…


Cryptic Messages – The YouNiversity

by: Jonathan Marcantoni An idiosyncratic introduction to an educational program aimed at enlivening the business of literature… Radio static flips through several channels before settling on one…


The Internet Strikes Back

by: The Internet w/ Jonathan Marcantoni The Internet indignantly responds to Across the Margin’s recent multimedia endeavor, A Letter to the Internet… Dear Mike, Chris,…


A Lover’s Quarrel

by: Art Rosch Companions at odds amid the complications of the Information Age….. Internet and I were at a Starbucks and it was one of…

terrarium love

Point – Counterpoint: Terrariums

by: Chris Thompson The value of terrariums are debated in a smattering of enthusiastically disagreeable point, counterpoint… Point: Fuck your terrarium man. I mean seriously….