The Cool Kids

by: Grete Howland “To truly accept people of this age as fully human is to unlock a treasure chest that’s been hiding in plain sight.”…


The Parnhash Manifesto

by: Chris Carr “To benefit from violent or horrible acts is equivalent to being a proponent or advocate.” Author Note: The following was written as…

The word Nonfiction written in vintage wood letterpress type.

Best of ATM 2016, Nonfiction

As 2016 comes to its close, Across the Margin takes a look back at some of its most treasured moments in Nonfiction… It’s been another…


Crooked Lines

by: Allie Burke “There is so much to do on this earth and our lives are so short. Just die now if you don’t leave…



by: Samantha Barron “The city never cared that I struggled. And so I left it behind, time and again, in search of something familiar…” Stanley’s…


What Now?

by: Michael Shields How to move forward, now that America has spoken… I was well aware in the darkened hours of early Wednesday morning, when…



by: Allie Burke “I haven’t figured out how to tell between lying there awake and lying there dreaming…” A thick, billowy cloud escapes the passenger…


The Activists

by Ian Johnson   The Team: White and rich enough to merit national media attention. The Mission: To force the President to take notice and to compel Congress…


Unsustainable Children

by: Heather Fawn When child care facilities are run like a business first and care service second, it’s our most precious commodity, our children, who suffer most…….