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For Your Consideration: Spotlight

by: Josh Sczykutowicz Josh Sczykutowicz praises Tom McCarthy’s Spotlight as one of the year’s best films… Religion is a powerful thing. It runs in the blood….


For Your Consideration: The Revenant

by: Michael Shields Across the Margin’s Michael Shields makes his case for the best film of the year with Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s The Revenant… Filmed…


For Your Consideration: Creed

by: Douglas Grant Across the Margin’s Douglas Grant makes his case for the best film of the year with Ryan Coogler’s Creed… When Rocky quietly…


All Class: Alan Rickman Remembered

by: Michael Shields Across the Margin bids farewell to a thespian whose talents were overshadowed only by the larger than life characters he portrayed… As…


Point – Counterpoint: Spoilers

by: Christopher Rockwell (Point) and Shiloh Whatley (Counterpoint) A fiery debate over the value of “spoilers”… Point: While the flurry of excitement built to a dizzying crescendo…

Fargo (Mike Milligan)

Fargo’s Perfect Second Season

by: Michael Shields Fargo and the anatomy of a perfect season of television… Few things in life can be described as perfect. I mean, there’s…