American Negative

by: Cooper Feste A horizon framed impeccably, but as the day gives way to night, menace is unearthed, parceled beneath the moon’s light… Huggy Smith…


House of Babel

by: Julie Howard “She had indeed loved him, comforted him and been faithful to him. What was a little repugnance and disgust along the way?”…


Detour & Tipsy

by: T.E. Cowell Two offerings of flash fiction that illustrate that even the quietest of streets have the capacity to arouse deep-seated anxieties… Detour The…


Mahjong Mornings

by: Julie Howard An ordinary Mahjong Morning with the ladies takes an unexpected turn, owing to the arrival of a batch of “special” brownies… “Ooh, almost…



by: Frederick Foote A Nation divided, demonstrated by a workplace at odds… The door to my boss’s office is open. I rap on the door frame…



by: T.E. Cowell “All I could think about was Julie. Julie, Julie, Julie. I had a one-track mind suddenly. Nothing else seemed to matter anymore….



by: Juliana Tuck Across the Margin celebrates Halloween with a heart-wrenching tale of sisterly devotion set against the backdrop of humanity’s ruin… The twitches that…


Heavy With Consequence

by: R.E Hengsterman A road to “manhood” lies littered with lessons learned the hard way… My head rocks, cockeyed and hard. Thud, thud, and thud again….


The Cheater & The View

by: T.E. Cowell Two offerings of flash fiction, where coveting or grasping at what is not ours carries its own cost… The Cheater In Amsterdam…


The Angel In Your Breast

by: Christine Stoddard Going through the motions of life, until you realize you are grievously not alone, and that time is therefore fleeting… Even a…