by: Frederick Foote Laboring to become as thin, as weightless, and as quiet as a shadow, to help guide into the world that what must…


A Man Like Any Other

by: Meagan Maguire The deep disconnect that exists between the person the world sees you as, and the one you really are…. Almost anyone can…


Curious & Guidelines

by: T.E. Cowell Two offerings of flash-fiction, one that lays bare the inherent cost of curiosity, and another that exposes the cat and mouse game…


Amy, Still

by: Susanna Baird A moment of unadulterated peacefulness, punctured thoroughly by horror and chaos… Styrofoam cups filled with rancid coffee, gum wrappers, fingernail shards, and a…

Tickle3 (Gypsy Jema)

Tickle Me Amnesio

by: Greg Burkholder Trickery laid bare but not called to task, where the faithful are “healed” by the Spirit of The Lord… Y’all done forgot….


The Maverick

by: JL Shockey “I get up and look to see how much of myself I left on the ground. There’s a portrait made up of my…


Why I Built My House The Way I Did

by Jon Krampner “Life was splendid and gay, until it turned into a pageant of death…” When Annie started coughing and wheezing, Oliver and I took her to…


Best of ATM 2016, Fiction

As 2016 comes to its close, Across the Margin takes a look back at some of its most treasured moments in Fiction… Throughout this final…


Bid Whist Night

by: Frederick Foote In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election, a card game is held in the dark of the night where the “true” value…



by: Julie Howard A cautionary tale for those who live their life in constant judgement… She woke up to a “four-point-five,” showered to a “four-point-eight,”…