by: Heather Fawn Our first installment of a 12-piece series, brought to you in 12 days, taking you Across the Holidays with holiday-themed stories from…


A Thousand Words or So

Illustration by: Chris Thompson Stories by: Douglas Grant, Tom Rau and Michael Shields A challenge to create a story, one thousand words or so, inspired…

the last scientist

The Last Scientist

by: Chris Thompson The table is set for the the continuing tales of….’The Last Scientist’….. Our tale begins in the declining years of the universe,…


We Pour Things

by: Michael Bradford Threes Company as 2 sisters encounter the patent holder…… Open Black : Sounds of a bustling NYC coffee shop . Woman  (VO) …


Working by Hindsight

by: Michael Bradford Stuck in the waiting room with so much more to offer-and then still waiting….. I imagined, as a boy, being everything else…

Atlantic City1960s

Rigged Like a Rubik’s Cube

by: Michael Shields An offering of a few intertwined shorts, pieces of a larger whole, that starts off on a bus to the Puppet Promise…


The Modern Letdown

by: Chris Thompson A fictitious tale of a genetic letdown that may be a family’s only hope…. An especially troubling facet of growing up is…

washington negative


by: Tom Rau From the future we look at the past, the beginning of the zombie revolution… I’m just a man standing in the middle…


An excerpt from Preemptive

A novel by : Douglas Grant Art work by: Daniel Aronson The American’s eyes popped open.  He was groggy and didn’t know what had awoken him….