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Last Glimpse of Fred

by: Michelle Wilker The extreme lengths a person will go to for a better way of life, and for a decent slice of pizza… Frederico…


Sean Condron, Part Two

by: Sean Condron Sean Condron embraces poetry’s role as the repository of the bittersweet truth of collective and personal memory: namely, the stories which come…


My Mother’s Closet

by: Kate Rabinov A vault of treasured memories, that incessantly drift off into the ether… I am certain my sister stole my mother’s Chanel purse….


The Memory of Time

by: Jonathan Marcantoni An experimental short story, where the love one feels for a partner and the love one feels for a child intersect… Voice…


Sean Condron, Part One

by: Sean Condron The dizzying feeling that we are strange and unknowable to ourselves runs throughout Sean Condron’s poetry. These poems evoke a phantasmagoric nostalgia,…

Paella (JohnOlsen)

The Real Paella

by: Dennis Vannatta What do you do when you’re in your fifties and can’t even think of a halfway plausible dream to take you into…


We Are Not Made Of Glass

by: Cameron Finch “I feel clumsy, surrounded by this much fragility. One wrong move and everything crashes.” The delicacy of glass, and of life, explored… There…


An Image of Self Violence

by: Darick Taylor Equating self-harm with a ploy for attention is a common mistake, for what lurks below the physical manifestation of the wound is…