WordsforHer3 (Karol Bak)

Words for Her

by: Richard Brea An ode to all the amazing mothers, daughters, wives, girlfriends, queens, angels, givers of life, and goddesses in the world… I take great…


Two Poems by Cal Freeman

by: Cal Freeman Cal Freeman is devoted to paying attention “because each moment is an irrevocable act.” Everybody knows this is a basic fact of…


Dream Girls

by: T.E. Cowell The emptiness that lingers when fortune enters and then exits your life in the blink of an eye…  Last spring my brother and I…

Inside2 (Marie-Therese O' L...)

Inside But Still Outside

by: P. J. Gannon You may know someone’s story, but not their struggle. You may know what they’ve done, but not what they’ve been through….


Three Poems by Michelle Chen

by: Michelle Chen The enthralling power of Michelle Chen’s work, whether original or translation, is that it moves deftly in two directions simultaneously: 1) a…

I died

The Day I Died

by: Sarah Fader What little can prepare one for an “energetic pull into nothingness,” and for the crushing blow that follows the day you find yourself alone… Numb,…