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Jonathan Marcantoni

The Memory of Time

by: Jonathan Marcantoni An experimental short story, where the love one feels for a partner and the love one feels for a child intersect… Voice…

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Tristiana: Portraits

by: Jonathan Marcantoni Tristiana, portraits, and the theory of visualism: a preview of Jonathan Marcantoni’s forthcoming novel, Tristiana, coming out Summer 2016 from Floricanto Press. Within…

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Cryptic Messages – The YouNiversity

by: Jonathan Marcantoni An idiosyncratic introduction to an educational program aimed at enlivening the business of literature… Radio static flips through several channels before settling on one…

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The Internet Strikes Back

by: The Internet w/ Jonathan Marcantoni The Internet indignantly responds to Across the Margin’s recent multimedia endeavor, A Letter to the Internet… Dear Mike, Chris,…

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The Wonderful Machine

by: German William Cabassa Barber The road to enlightenment can oftentimes be littered with unforeseen consequences…. July 7, 3016 I ran. I ran from my destiny in that cadaverous,…

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ATM – The Podcast

We invite you to come along as host Michael Shields (and frequent co-host Chris Thompson and / or Brian Sachson) take you Beyond the Margin,…

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